Skilled Trade of the Week / Métier de la Semaine: Construction Boilermaker/Chaudronnier de Construction

The Construction Boilermaker trade is very prominent at the province’s power generation sites. There will always be a demand for that!

You can learn more here from Local 128 of the Construction Boilermakers union.

A construction boilermaker welding metal with a tool

There, the apprenticeship process for this skilled trade is explained very well there! You’ll find additional links to videos and information about the process for Construction Boilermakers.

The only way to become a Boilermaker is to join this union and work through an apprenticeship! (Please note, apprentices are still required to register a Training Agreement / Sponsorship with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development).

You can find the English Training Standards (on-the-job) here.

The French version is available here.

You can also explore this trade further at this Ontario government website here!