Apprenticeship Network

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Serving employers, youth & job seekers in the cities, towns and counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford.


The Apprenticeship Network is a group of like-minded individuals and groups working collaboratively to promote apprenticeship as a first-choice career option and to provide accurate apprenticeship information to employers, youth and job seekers in the Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford county region.

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Hear what one employer and her apprentice are saying about the benefits of apprenticeship including their thoughts on the financial incentives, training benefits and overall success of having hired an apprentice.


College techniques programs offer hands on practical experience

The Toronto Sun article on Sept 23rd, discusses college techniques programs and their offerings of practical, hands-on experience that can help them compete for employment as an apprentice. [Toronto Sun Article]

London Training Centre Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program

London Training Center has 9 out of 12 candidates from their new London Training Center pre-apprenticeship cook program in placements . . . [read more]

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